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#281140 - James now with a evil smile on his face drinks up his beer and stands before his 2 slaves great first we have to make you into a official slave show me your pussy he says as Laurien stands up now covered in her mother's pussy juice smiling  at him she gets on her knees waiting for her next command as her mother gets on both hands and knees showing her wet entrance to her master he smiles and stands behind her and slowly starts to push in inch by inch enjoying the moment of entering her pussy for the first time hmm I always wanted this and now I can do it whenever I wanted he moans as he slowly starts to pound in and out Laurien can't control herself anymore as she sees her mother getting owned by her masters monster cock she slowly goes with one hand down her body starting rubbing her pussy slowly as James keeps picking up speed pounding in the newly conquered pussy he didn't even need to control her mind she submitted to him faster then he expected but he do

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