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#129087 - Mom had gone to the bathroom leaving me with dad, when he opened his eyes, “Dad” I shouted, the nurse’s came running and fussed about him for minutes, dad was going to be alright, but he would need time and a lot of care. I guessed she was feeling Tony’s cook too as I saw him jump a little, after a few minutes Heath slowly slipped down to her knees, turning to Tony she kissed his cock, “Oh fuck” she kissed up and down his shaft a few times, before doing the same to me, I had died and gone to heaven. He came home a few weeks later and mom had her hands full with looking after him, unknown to me she had spoken to Heather and had asked if I could stay with them for a while, Heather said it was no problem, that night I moved in, not to my own room or bed, but into Heathers bed along with Tony, the three of us had a wonderful month, Heather had never had as much cock as she did that month and as for our spunk, I recon we could have filled the bath, we came that much and often,

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Not exactly a fuckin creampie is it
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