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#359534 - --------------------------------- A week later Sarah was going out with this guy Todd, and I was bored to death, I was sitting in home room when the teacher said we had a new girl in our school, I groaned expecting another nerd from one of the towns high schools, but a slender girl with straight dark red hair walked up, her hair was so dark it was almost maroon, and when she turned around I saw her lovely face; she had bright green eyes rimmed with dark thick lashes, and a small nose covered with sexy cute freckles, and a perfect bow mouth. Then I slowly kissed down her chest and unhooked her bra, lifting it off her and looking at her beautiful nipples, I kissed one and she let a moan of pleasure, then I kissed farther and farther down making her laugh and moan at the same time when I reached her belly button, then I untied the red ribbon holding her underwear together and threw them to the side of the bed.

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