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#291181 - When we arrived I couldn't believe what I was hearing that she wants my cock but hey don't have to tell me twice she was how she always wanted to talk to me since we moved here last month but didn't know where to start my face must have said it all because she said'' I thought we would never have a chance to be together I was waiting for the Monday tragedy when she sour face and asked what's wrong I told her this is to good to be true and she gave me a smile that melted the skin off my bones. Curiosity won I took a peep in through the opening in the door and found my sister playing with herself and best of all using my name to do it and here I was thinking that the bedroom light being on is weird I need to do something with this very valuable information but what tell my parents ha no tell the school what am I dumb ,oh yeah that will do I just got an idea.

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Tengen uzui
She will be absolutly beautiful sucker
I really like the idea of the guy starting out soft and getting hard in the girls mouth might have discovered a new kink
Ayano sugiura
Sure is xx