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#243100 - , She makes a sound of disgust, He just irritates me SO much sometimes, the irritation in her voice is very clear. You shove him violently away, he charges, but you were expecting that and explode out of the corner with a big boot, knocking the big man down, you quickly climb the turnbuckle and wait for Kane to get to his feet, he slowly gets up and you jump at him delivering a dropkick which sends him barreling backwards into the turnbuckle behind him. You run towards the ropes for momentum, you rebound from them and run as fast as you can towards Kane who is struggling to his feet clutching his arm, he looks up at you just as you dive and you hear the air rush out of him again as you spear him into the canvas, you quickly grab his arm and lock in the Crippler Crossface again, making sure that this time you are between him and the ropes.

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Kensou sie
Like if you want to do this with me
Set to 2x speed for normal speed