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#157787 - He was near city, need immediate sex and the result is fucking a white chick for hours, she was really nice he can't think getting blowjob like this before! He slide in a 50 dollars note between supersucker's youthful full 25 yo boobs while she was hooking up her bra! She wanted to go with him but suddenly she got a potential long term boyfriend and she knew she can't hangout with convicts after this journey so she decided to stick with the new guy. They start walking towards south east of the island. So, he is still convict! Had bad times! Hours, days or weeks? No, not even years! Convict spend his lifetime prison not in a jail, just within the so called community! He doesn't know what his problems were, but he spend his precious time within the boundary of the community! This time he knew how much the people surrounding him used to hate him.

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