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#314329 - First they fitted me with nipple clamps that caused such sweet pain as the clamps bit into my already sore nipples, whilst the two nipple clamps were joined by a chain there was another long chain which hang down to which was fitted another clamp, Lucy knelt down and expertly flicked her tongue across my clitoris until it was standing proud and then fitted the hanging clamp to it, the sensation took me over the top again causing me to have my third orgasm. As we passed I saw that the door to Adams room was open, but the room was empty. Lucy led me down the main stairs, but we continued our descent below the ground floor at which point the staircase changed from wooden to concrete, I realised that this was the same staircase Adam was made to crawl down; the one that leads to the mistress’s dungeon.

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Emi ogasawara
Great body i could like at that for hours
Sora kasugano
The dog dildo part is pure love
Yorumi rena
Very nice who s the other beauty what s her name
Love it