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#16625 - ‘How could Jim do this to me? Let his friends do this?’ The pain between my legs gets worse as I feel Jim’s private bit getting bigger before a hot flood of something shoots inside me Move over my turn I hear Tony say with glee as he pulls away from my mouth and starts to move behind me No Jim says firmly What do you mean no? Tony growls at him I mean NO, she's too tight. As we pass the bathroom my eyes stare at it longingly but he doesn’t notice, when we get to his room he opens the door and lays me on the bed “Tomorrow we will go to see Johnny and get you put on the pill so you won’t fall pregnant” at my confused look he continues “Johnny is a doctor at the hospital, he will be checking you over every month so that we can keep an eye on you, don’t want you getting too damaged, and it’s not as enjoyable” He lays next to me and pulls me towards him, I know there is no point in fighting this I have no way to get away from a thirty-five year

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