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#352835 - His friend continues to fuck me hard but obviously the Fat Controller has not had enough, he pushes me up on my knees, his mate shuffles forward and pulls one of my legs across him, pulling me back so I am still embedded on his cock but reclining my back against his front, he is still managing to impale me even in this position, his cock pistoning away as his hands grasp my nipples and tug on them. He catches me looking at him and hurriedly tucks his cock away, I realise my stop is coming and gather my belongings and make my way along the aisle and down the steps. Despite the slight discomfort, I love it! I pant loudly as his fingers pummel me and his mouth and lips suck my clit matching the rhythm, I clutch the back of his head pulling him into me as I buck my hips up to meet his ministrations trying to fuck his face and fingers, rubbing myself and my juices over him.

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