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#7265 - Hes naked now too, still in the doorway, stroking his long hard cock, admiring her curves, her hair, her beauty, he moves closer and he can smell her perfume, his cock gets harder with that, being close enough to smell her, he will have to find his control, he has to make the most of tonight, treasure it, remember it. He arrives to the beauty between her legs, her trimmed pubes, her musky scent, he inhales deeply and touches her lightly with his tongue, he feels how wet she is, so slippery, so aroused, so swollen and aching for his touch. He takes his time watching her, getting aroused at what is about to happen, and even more aroused with the fact that she has no idea, doesnt know that he is there, doesnt know that he wants her so bad, that he looks at her in this way and that he adores her so very much.

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