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#61468 - At this point Tamara was beginning to get very curious about just who this woman was; she wanted to take a look but didn’t dare make a sound and give away her presence. You’ll like this even more, the woman said, holding her ass cheeks apart. She couldn’t make out the woman’s face, but she could certainly see one side her body—the full upturned breasts, slender arms, and nice hips.

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Rather a women with a nice body then a women who lets herself go and everything sags down least she can see his cock go in get then a women so fat she cant even see her own pussy
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Apni behan ko shaadi se pehle kisi achhe dost k samne nanga kr dena chahiye or dost bhi nanga hi ho dono shadi kre ya na
Wait so they reward the theif and not the guy who stopped the robbery