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#395400 - I watched as my mom go through the details since last night what felt like an eternity, to my surprise my aunt listened without saying a word, after what it felt like ages my mother came to the end of the story, and my aunt looked right at me, and right back at my mom and sighed, “well I can’t say I don’t understand, you have not even looked at another man ever since Steve passed away, and I and glad you found comfort in Brian than in some stranger” she then smiled and looked right at mom “don’t worry this will only be between the three of us”, my mother sighed in relief and hugged my aunt lovingly and whispered “thank you” to her ear.

Read Hairy Sexy (C99) [Marugoshi-Do (pu-en)] Okujou - Joji - Itazura - Original Canadian OkujouItazura

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