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#344390 - Above the noise of the water and squealing girls Tracey heard the man shout out, “Any of you need to piss or shit do it now, you won't get another chance” Tracey was horrified but knew she had no choice and ashamedly found herself squatting down with three of the other girls and pissing and shitting just like an animal. Tracey immediately felt the pipe expand for a second in her throat and something heavy and stodgy being forced down into her stomach, she had no idea what it was but at least she couldn't taste it. “Good girl” she heard Katie say as she stood up and moved onto the next girl in the line and before long all five girls were hanging there with the tubes down their throats.

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Alma nemurihime
One of the hottest women i ve seen jesus would kill for subtitles to understand what was said
That was hot
Usually not a fan of red heads but this was extremely hot