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#107483 - my name is rodney rawr and i'm a devil i try to hide it from others i dont fall in love because i always try and run i did some stuff i'm not happy about i drink when i'm sad i go to clubs let girls do what they want i should not let them do this is the story of my fucking life of a devil it was lunch and i was setting outside everyone was inside eating lunch shadow: hi your rodney right? rodndy: yea how do you know my name shadow: everyone does your new here rodney: whatever shadow sets next to him rodney: what do you want shadow: nothing what you doing later rodney: i dont know video games shadow: come to my house we can have fun rodney: fine whatever he walks away to his next class shadow: you have the same class as me that's great! rodney: is just bio shadow: set next to me rodney: ok shadow: so how do you like your first day so far rodney: fine the bell rang and it was time to go home and shadow and rodney were in shadow&#

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