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#153038 - I slowly walked towards Stacey, she looked at my 8 inch long, 6inch circumference cock and whispered “I think your our big brother now” took my cock in her left hand and said “So thick, I’m gonna enjoy this” and leaned towards it and pulled it towards her at the same time and kissed the tip and licked the entire length up and down, then on the final up, plunged her mouth all the way down, taking all 8 inches in , with her bottom lip kissing my balls and slowly moving her mouth up my cock and sucking at the same time, then straight back down again. I thought I was going blow there and then, but she’s experience enough to stop that , she felt my balls were tightening with her bottom lip and withdrew and pinched it, she knew exactly where, then gave me a wink. ” That night, she fell asleep in my arms as we cuddled in my bed, I secretly thought “Here is my beautiful sister, the girl all my mates would like to lose the cherry to and I’ve got her in my bed, what’s to stop us continuing w

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