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#24306 - I told her I was so sorry for what I had done, “You shouldn’t be, I wanted sex, and when you said I could have a bath, I had to do it today” “So you lied when you said about your mom not letting you have a bath on your own”? “No, that is true, but I had to get you naked, so that’s why I splashed you” I had to laugh, “You’re a naughty girl, you know” she hugged me and asked if I was upset with her, I should have been but her big blue eye’s melted me and I hugged her and said I wasn’t. But then she surprised me as she started having an orgasm and she came more than I would have thought. I freed her skirt and carried her into the kitchen, sitting her down I looked at her knees and arm, she then said her side hurt, she lifted her top and she had grazed her side, she started to cry again and I calmed her once more, I then said she should have a bath to clean up, then we could see how bad the cut’s were.

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