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#38817 - June 1 Dear Diary, Finally, the last day of school, twelve long years, I feel like I've been released from purgatory!!! Isaac asked me to go with him to the lake tonight, and I can't wait, he's such a hunk!!! I told Amy right away and she turned green, I love it!!! I just bought a new swimming suit and I hope he likes it!!! Well, wish me luck, diary! Seeya later!!! June 2 Dear Diary, Issac's dad has a new boat and we were flying all over the lake, I even water skied for the first time!!! After it got dark we anchored out in the middle of the lake and had a picnic snack!!! We drank a little wine and Issac jumped up and stripped off his trunks and dove into the water naked!!! I was a little nervous, but followed him in and we played tag in the warm water!!! Finally, he caught and kissed me, it was so the sexiest thing I had ever experienced!!! After climbing back onto the boat, he laid me down on a towel and gently sucked my nipples!!! In the pale moon light I could j

Read Office Sex Midara na Kokuhaku - Indecent Confession Bathroom Midara na Kokuhaku - Indecent Confession

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Stephanie dora
Oh my god this was so fucking hot i loved how she kept going
Seong mi-na
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Waste of time