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#262572 - Lying on the bed l pressed the button twice on the sex toy to start the shaft rotating and vibrating finger then gently worked the tip up and down between my pussy lips before sliding the shaft inside me this time l brushed the finger against my clitoris in short strokes each time it caused me to take in a sharp breath, l did this over and over again till my orgasm exploded l arched my back raised my hip and let out a loud scream then let go of the toy which slipped from my pussy the toy buzzed away between my legs as l lay there breathless, l had to do it again to relive the electrifying orgasm but the next time l held the sex toy hard inside me as l orgasmed and by the third explosion my pussy was really sticky. My brother Dave was halfway across the landing dressed in just his boxes, l was expecting him to complain about how long l was in the bathroom, but instead he gave me a strange stare l stopped and asked ‘what’ the next thing l know Dave had spun me around pinning me to the w

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Hakufu sonsaku
I love this hentai but edit out the background noice x
Leina ashta
Nothing like sibling rivalry