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#112903 - She in her condition had not really noticed just how large these animals were or how massive their animal pricks had become!!!. She now had what seemed like two very interested dogs, who's noses were touching the fence and decided to see if she could tease and tempt them even more! With all her clothes off she had pulled the lounge up next to the chain link fence, and had laid down on it opening her legs very wide and had pushed her pink wet little cunt up directly in their faces!, she then started playing with clit! Both of these big dogs were now drooling as they could smell her, and had become quite excited! Sissy, as she got more and more excited, so seemed the dogs! She had inched herself closer and closer to the fence scooting down the lounge and bending her knees even more, the dogs were licking their chops and trying to stick their tongues through the links, and were wining to get at her! Sissy was so excited no

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Who is she
Mirage farina jenius
This chick looks like my ex franziska