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Teenxxx Mesubuta TS Youtonjou Wrestling

[NG.rabbit] 牝豚TS養豚場


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#345158 - Immortality can get quite boring so to entertain myself I built the third { And my favorite } part of the city The Arena a circular building large enough to seat all the Humans. The Human females all want to mate with Richter believing that their children will inherit his strength, perfect health and longevity. Another thing I learned from the fall of the System Lords is that being an evil and cruel God can and will result in a rebellion from the Humans who used to worship you so while I do enjoy watching Human females get brutally and viciously fucked by my Unas no one knows about it and I always wipe the females memory of it before sending her back plus healing the sick and injured during my daily worship shows my people that I'm a kind and loving God.

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